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Welcome to LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135.  We offer a wide range of deep cleaning services for Janitorial, Corporate clients, Property management rental homes, vacation homes bed and breakfast, move outs and Post New Construction. Our services are available on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis. Short, medium and long-term arrangements are available depending on your budget and requirements.

Proudly, family owned and operated. We are a local, cleaning company with years of experience. Based in Lincoln, NE, we are well located to serve the Needs of many Lincoln, NE homes & businesses. Our rates are very competitive; our approach is professional and our service is superior. Our customers say it best, so we have many references that are always available on request.  


  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Residential Service
  • Move-Out / Move-In Cleaning
  • New Home Construction Cleaning
  • Real Estate Sale Cleaning

The uniqueness of each person is reflected in the uniqueness of his or her home. Some of us like antique style, some of us want the latest pieces of modern and futuristic furniture, others dream of a mountain cabin or country farm and use those dream places as an inspiration to decorate their homes. Some of us live in small places; in high-rise buildings while others chose a house in the suburbs. 

It does not matter how small or big your home is, nor what type of furniture you have, dust will always build up if you let it to. Each house needs regular cleaning and when this is not done for several weeks, everything gets messy and it’s time for a big cleaning session. Or
deep cleaning as we call it. 

This type of service is a specialty of LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135 and it provides a more detail oriented cleaning than all other cleaning services we have available.

Best Deep Cleaning Service LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135

How Much Does Deep Cleaning Cost?

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