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Have a department store and looking for department store cleaning services near Lincoln NE? You as a store owner already has much on the plate to take care of. Hence, to maintain the health and hygiene standards by which every retail and other commercial space are regulated, departmental store cleaning services is essential. Not only does it keep you secure from penalization, but it also raises the value of your property and your client footfall. It does not matter if your departmental store is small, medium-sized or a huge departmental store, preparing checklists for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning can make the process easier and faster. LNK Cleaning Company are the name you can trust when it comes to any sort of departmental store cleaning services in Lincoln NE. Cost? Free estimates! Call us today, book online or send us an email!



Departmental Store Cleaning Services Can Be Divided Into Seven Sections

  • Entrances and exits
  • Reception/ office area
  • Store area
  • Backhouse
  • Restrooms
  • Stairways
  • Kitchen or pantry

Preparing separate checklists for each section helps in spreading and allotting the job. With LNK Cleaning Company, you can also allow the checklist as per the time you want the job to be done – before the store opens, midday or after closure.

See the example of some of the departmental store cleaning services checklists that will help you in preparing one for you.


  • Spot free them from finger and hand prints
  • Dust and wash any planters
  • Air and clean the doormat
  • Sweep the entrance and lift up any litter
  • Wash and clean the glass doors and door handles
  • Wash and clean the store banner or sign at the doorway


  • Wipe and polish the tables, desks, lamps and trays
  • Wipe and clean the glass surfaces, clear from any spills and stains
  • Vacuum carpeted areas, including those below tables and chairs
  • Wipe and clean all glass surfaces
  • Wipe and remove any stains from the wall
  • Wipe and sanitize the telephones
  • Empty trash bin and ashtrays
  • Dust and clean lights, switches, fixtures and décor
  • Wipe and clean the windows, window sills and window panes


  • Clean any adhesive residue from the shelves and display units
  • Wipe and clean all glass surfaces, glass partitions and mirrors.
  • Dust and clean shelves
  • Organize the merchandise in order on the shelves
  • Clean the outside of the glass display units
  • Dust and clean furniture, window, window sills, fire extinguishers and décor
  • Clean the chrome trimming on the cabinets
  • Clean the spots and stains off the walls

LNK Cleaning Company and its departmental store cleaning services offer comprehensive cleaning services to all stores and commercial spaces. Our staff can tailor a perfect cleaning program according to your specific requests, we have a solution that will suit your needs and budget.

Here is a list of the best department store cleaning service benefits and advantages you can get with LNK Cleaning Company:

  • Attention to Detail Cleaning for an Impeccable Public Appearance
  • Customized Cleaning Program to Suit Your Store’s Budget and Needs
  • Our Company Supplies All Equipment, Products, and Materials
  • Employees and Customers Appreciate the Exclusive Use of Safe, Green Cleaning Products

If your departmental store is in Lincoln NE or surrounding regions and needs departmental store cleaning services, you can rely on LNK Cleaning Company to take in hand it for you. Contact us today to start on!


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