National average $6,500

How much does it cost to remodel a garage?

Although many people use it as the catch-all of the house, the garage offers valuable storage and potential living space that can often be more effectively used with a remodel. Some people remodel the garage to turn it into an extra bedroom or living space, while others remodel it to make it more functional as a storage and workspace. Total cost depends on the size of the garage, age of the house, and the remodel purpose, but you can plan to spend an average of $6500 for a garage remodelwith a common 600 square foot garage into a more functional space. Although it is possible to remodel a garage yourself, especially for smaller projects, hiring a professional contractor is always recommended.

Cost breakdown


The needed materials obviously depend on the nature of the work, but most projects will include:

Drywall 1, which typically runs $1-$2 per square foot.

Uneven, scratched or cracked flooring can typically be leveled with about $500 of material, plus around $750 for a polyurethane coat.

Adding a crawl space or storage space above the garage will typically cost around $2 per square foot.

Rewiring the garage averages $3-$5 per square foot.

Paint will cost $30-$50 per gallon, depending on the brand and quality.


For flooring improvement and any structural reinforcements with the walls or ceiling, you'll need a carpenter, which averages $70 an hour.

Re-wiring and electrical issues will obviously require an electrician, who average $65-$85 per hour and can take a few days up to a week depending on the garage’s electrical issues.

Painting the finished room will run you $20-$35 per hour, but a small space should only require half a day of painting or less.

Enhancement and improvement costs

If you plan to add a new garage door, plan to spend another $500-$800 per single door and $200-$425 for a garage door opener.

Although not all garages need the upgrade, adding insulation to the walls will cost you $0.75-$0.95 per square foot.

Adding or updating cabinets and shelving can have a big impact on the space, and the cost can vary greatly. If you build your own cabinetry, plan to spend around $500 on materials. You can purchase installed cabinets at a variety of price points, ranging from $500 to $1800 depending on the size, quality, and materials.

Additional considerations and costs

Remodeling an area as significant and large as a garage will likely need permits. Talk to your contractor or local building regulation office for specific requirements in your area.

In many cases, it can be less expensive to replace something rather than repair it. However, other labor-intensive projects are often more cost-effective to replace than repair.

Have a ballpark figure in mind. Determine what you can comfortably afford to spend on your garage remodelingor building project. Where does it fall in your list of home improvement priorities? Will you be spending 100% of your remodeling and construction budget on it? Having a clear idea of your price ceiling will help you avoid making choices that are too expensive or elaborate and having to scale back in the process.

Plan how you’ll pay for it. Do you have savings or expected income that will finance the project? Will you be tapping into home equity? The last thing you want is to get a bill from your contractor without having an idea of how you’ll cover it.

Budget for unexpected costs. One of the truths of construction is to expect the unexpected. Any number of things, such as a previously unknown problem behind the walls, can throw a wrench in the works of your project and add to labor and materials costs. Factor in a 15 to 20 percent margin for error so your budget stays on track.

Know your priorities. Will your garage be purely functional? If so, durable surfaces and systems trump expensive trappings. Make a list of what you’ll need, from storage to appliances to furnishings, and then rank every item in order of importance. That way, if you have to cut things as you get farther into the process, it will be easier to make choices.

Be diligent about tracking spending. All the budgeting in the world doesn't do any good if you don’t know how much you’ve spent. Create a spreadsheet or other document to keep tabs. Be diligent about entering costs as they come up so the process doesn't get overwhelming.

Garage Remodel Return on Investment

A few words of caution: Converting your garage into living space can actually lower the value of your home. For many buyers, especially those in colder climates, a garage is an important selling feature.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead with the conversion if it makes sense for your family; just have realistic expectations about the impact on value.

As a general rule, experts advise against a garage remodel if you expect to be putting the house on the market within the next few years.

But there is an exception...

The exception to this rule may be if you plan to convert your garage to a rental unit. This could potentially add value to your home depending on the market you are in.

Some states are encouraging its residents to convert their garagesto rental space as it creates more affordable living opportunities. California has passed a state law that will make it easier for homeowners to build and permit their garage transformation in an effort to lower skyrocketing rental prices.

Choosing a Contractor

Look for a contractor who specializes ingarage remodels - or at least one who has experience remodeling garages. Ask to see pictures of previous jobs such as the before and after garage conversion picture shown here. A good contractor should be able to show you garage conversion designs and you can also get some inspiration from looking online at garage remodeling ideas. Remodeling a garage is different than remodeling other areas of the home, and it helps to have a contractor who understands that.

Get multiple quotes to compare prices before choosing a contractor. But keep in mind that the cheapest contractor is not always the best. Typically, it’s a good idea to throw out any quotes that seem suspiciously high or low.

Do some background research on any company you’re thinking of hiring. Ask for references - and call them. Check the company’s record with consumer organizations like the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List. You can call the local building department, too.

Make sure the company you hire is licensed and insured. Ask for proof. A company that is not licensed is not likely to be reputable - they’re breaking the law. If the company is not insured, you could be financially responsible for any accidents that occur on your property while construction is underway.

Ask for details - in writing. Professional garage remodel contractorswill provide you a start date and an end date for the project, as well as a detailed breakdown of all anticipated expenses, including materials and labor. 


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How much does it cost to remodel a garage?

Total cost depends on the size of the garage, age of the house, and the remodel purpose, but you can plan to spend an average of $6500 for a garage remodel with a common 600 square foot garage into a more functional space.

How much does it cost to drywall a garage?

Panel Pricing

At the time of publication, the cost of a 5/8 inch thick, 4-by-8-foot drywall sheet averages $12 per sheet. A 20-by-24-feet two-car garage has 800 square feet requiring coverage when you include the ceiling. This equates to 25 sheets at a cost of $300.