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Professional Organization Services in Omaha, NE

LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135,  a professional organizer for home, work, and life. We offer organizing services and ongoing support to help clients.

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Our professional organizer services free you from the stress and feelings of chaos that too much stuff or misplaced things can bring into your life. Our team works with you to achieve your goals whether they be about improving the appearance of your home, helping your kids be more organized, or just bringing that serenity of having everything in its place. Yes, organizing your home organizes your life! If you feel overwhelmed or perhaps have a tricky spot in your home that bothers you every time you walk through it, we can help.


Kitchen Organization
What’s on your kitchen counter, or should I ask, what ISN’T on your kitchen counter! Kitchens tend to be a catch all area for things that don’t have a home. LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135 can fix that.

Pantry Organization
We all eat. We all have a pantry. I have found it is much easier to make wise food choices (it’s what so many of us strive for these days), when I can actually see what I have available. An organized pantry is a must and LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135 can create that for you.

Cabinet Organization
It’s in the cabinet somewhere. You just can’t seem to find it, or reach it, or pull it out. (sigh) At LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135, we work together to sort it all out.

Closet Organization
Which closet is haunting you – entry closet, hall closet, master closet, linen closet or another dark, spooky closet? Never fear – LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135 is here– We’ll turn that closet around in a snap!

Bedroom Organization
laundry. Unpaid bills. Unopened mail. Magazines. Books. Clothes. Shoes. Dirty Dishes. Am I describing your room? You’re not alone. Let’s create the sanctuary you deserve.


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