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What is Eco Cleaning? LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135

Eco Cleaning and Cost Lincoln, NE | LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135

LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135 provides a full range of quality Eco cleaning services for the commercial and domestic customers, all delivered to the highest standards.


Green Cleaning or Eco Cleaning Is the use of effective cleaning practices and products that protect human health and the environment.
Our eco green cleaning is much more than just using environmentally friendly cleaning products. we have developed a complete eco cleaning system to help you maintain a healthy home.

Green cleaning is not only good for the environment; it means better conditions for your children, pets and family visitors. Using eco cleaning programs helps to improve indoor air quality, which, in turn, leads to greater health and safety for your loved ones.

• We use quality microfiber cloths to keep
dust becoming airborne in your home
• We use microfiber mops and color-coded cloths that use less water and cleaning materials, and help prevent cross-contamination.
• We use only environmentally friendly cleaning products.
• Our cleaning operatives are trained to keep the dirt and dust away, and advise you on eco practices.
• Reduce Illness

Less exposure to harsh chemicals means improved indoor air quality and lower illness rates in the family

Eco Cleaning products work just as well, if not better, than traditional products. We are still amazed by the results; you will be constantly pleased too.