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Best School Window Cleaning Services

and Cost In Lincoln NE

LNK Cleaning Company

Looking For the best School Window Cleaning Near Lincoln NE? LNK Cleaning Company is the best cleaning services in and around Lincoln NE. Cost of School Window Cleaning? Free estimates. Best School Window Cleaning in Lincoln NE.


How The Windows Are Cleaned

School window cleaning, as with the commercial and residential windows we clean, the complete window is cleaned every time – glass and frame. This is done to ensure that the windows also ‘look clean’ from the outside. Dirty frames make the glass look dirty, and the dirt that build up on the frames often washes down onto the glass when it rains. So, cleaning the frames every time, keeps the windows cleaner for longer as well as looking cleaner.

The windows are washed with purified water, which is then heated to effetively remove dirt, grime and salt, and leave the windows spotless. Tap water isn’t used as it contains minerals, salts and metals that can cause spotting on the glass afterwards, so the water is passed through a purification process to remove those impurities in the water – it’s amazing, and a bit scary, how many impurities there are in normal tap water.

This process cleans the dirt, and leaves the windows clean with no residue or detergent or anything else, so the windows stay cleaner for longer than a traditional window cleaner. The equipment and cleaning we use for school window cleaning is the current high standard for commercial window cleaning.  There are also ‘very’ few window cleaning companies that heat the water believe it or not. We are one of the few commercial window cleaners in Northern Ireland that do this. We do it as it gives better results and we always strive to give the customer the best cleaning service that we can.

School Window Cleaning – How We Operate

We prefer to arrange a regular window cleaning schedule with you, though we can discuss what sort of time schedule you would like. Also, when the windows should be cleaned, for instance you probably would prefer out of school hours or during school holidays.

We like to provide you with exactly what you want. So, maybe you don’t need all the windows cleaned every time? Maybe you want the insides cleaned as well as the outside? We can discuss what you want, and help to provide a solution to your needs. We also provide other cleaning services such as gutter clearing, solar panel cleaning, signage cleaning for the school name signs if they are getting dirty.

 Health & Safety Regulations

We do comply with current health and safety regulations for our industry and the equipment we use is designed with safety in mind. 

Pricing Your School Window Cleaning

As every building is different and your needs will vary from the next person, pricing is done on an individual basis, we need to call out to you. Though, be sure that you will get an excellent job done at a competitive price.

Guaranteed To Be Clean

LNK CLEANING COMPANY has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After cleaning the windows, if you see on the following day that any of them have not been cleaned right, just give me a call and those windows will be cleaned again for free – no problem. We take pride in the work we do, and offer a professional cleaning service, not just pretending to clean the windows.

How To Get Your School Windows Cleaned By Us

First of all, contact us to get a free, no obligation quote. Paul will come out and have a look at your school, maybe take some measurements, chat to the person dealing with the school window cleaning – princpal or janitor etc. to get an idea what you want. We can disscuss, what windows are to be cleaned, whether just the outside or inside and out, what sort of schedule, when you want them cleaned etc. Afterwards, you will be given a price. If you are happy with the price and details, then we can go ahead and get your windows cleaned. If you are not happy with the price, it’s no problem, you are under no obligation to accept the quote.


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