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At LNK Cleaning Company 402-881-3135, Professional hoarding cleaning services are conducted by hoarding specialists that have a wealth of knowledge and experience in home heavy cleaning and junk removal. Our professional organizers are available to work regular hours, nights or weekends to accommodate any schedule. These clutter cleaners do more than just cleaning; they build shelves, storage units, and box and bring items to a nearby storage facility. Which other heavy-duty cleaning companies do you know that offer such services for hoarders? Probably none.

The garbage removal process for hoarding cleaning is done in a specialized method to protect the privacy of our clients. For junk removal, we can provide a garbage removal container that is discreet. When we bag garbage, we leave the bags by the door and make one trip to the collection point. Our means of transporting rubbish to the collection point is done by either: placing junk in rubbish containers, a dumpster, in the building, or in our unmarked truck, depending on the needs of our clients. You do not need to call a garbage removal company or any waste services, we do it all.


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